Saturday, September 13, 2008

Introducing New Gold Serum Ampoule!!!!!!!

Introductory Price: RM150 (1 box of 10 ampoules) FREE 1 box of other ampoules of your choices!!! (While Stocks Last!)

Outside retail saloon @ RM150-RM300 f0r 1 ampoule session!!! Be a smart consumer!!!

Want to keep your skin youthful as a HOT 18 years old babe? Imagine the attentions that will be gravitating towards you. You're confident & youthful as ever. They say we should age gracefully. But I say NOT!....We should age beautifully & stay youthful...don't you agree? Why want to have those wrinkles & fine lines when u can reduce them right NOW??

Why use gold ampoules??
- History was traced back during Cleopatra era where this hot queen not only soaked herself in a bathtub full of flowing milk but also used GOLD to preserve her DID!

- Gold eliminates your fine lines & wrinkles in just days with CONSISTENT use!

- Works on ALL skin types especially dry skin, less toned, aged & with dark aging or sun spot

- Repairs damaged cells as this gold essence is RAPIDLY absorbed onto ur skin so your skin is smoothen & glow with radiant

- They remove eye bag, wrinkles, fine lines & oil seeds

Imagine yourself looking like early 20's when u're in 40's-50's...hmmm...with all the attention gravitating towards u....u're confident, beautiful, sexy & glow with radiant! Just like Samantha Jones in the Sex & the City.... minus the Botox. Love ur skin, Care for your skin before it's too late


Teena said...

hey sharon.. i've tried the gold ampoules along with other types of ampoules.. can see some improvemnets on my skin.. thx for ur good customer service as well..

Vanity Talks said...

hi there

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you find them useful. Hope you enjoy using them & looking forward to serving you in future
All the best in your wedding preparation yea =)