Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fake Eyelashes & Relian Mascara

Fake Eyelashes Specially Made in Taiwan
Handmade using
REAL hair !

RM3 per pair
RM20 per box (10 pairs)

Item no: Eyelash 113#

Item no: Eyelash 112#

Item no: Eyelash 108#

Item no: Eyelash 99#

Item no: Eyelash 03#

Monplay Eyelash Glue (Professional Grade For Eyelash)

Price: RM13 for 1 box (Retail price is RM18)

To be used together with fake eyelashes

Relian Mascara
Will make your eyelash grows as long as 300%!!
Seeing is believing!!!
4 different types available. Suitable for those who are lazy to put on false eyelashes - like me :D
1. Item Name: Relian 360 ALL-Effect Plump Mascara for Thick & Long Lashes
Description: NEW!! Just got in recently according to supplier. The specialty of this mascara is that it contains both mascara & fibre to make your eye lashes superlong and nice. You don't need to apply anymore fibre after that
Price: RM35

2. Item Name: Relian Fiber&Volume Mascara & Eyelash Tonic
Description: This mascara gives u a very good volume of eyelash & make them thick & long. The yellow colour solution that u see in the picture must be use at night only when u go to bed. It functions as a tonic to make your lashes grow much much longer. Suitable for those who recently lost quite a number of your eyelash hair recently.
Price: RM50

3. Item Name: Relian Mascara (Transplanting Gel + Natural Fibre)
Description: This mascara curls eyelash softly & makes gorgeous eye shape. It is waterproof type
Price: RM25

4. Item Name: Relian Transplanting gel & Fiber
Description: Supposed to make your eyelash to be long about 300%! Can you believe it? All these mascaras need no introduction. Has been in the market for a while with many many excellent feedbacks
Price: RM24

MonPlay Eyeliner Pencil
Slides Easily
(makes smaller eyes BIGGER!!)

Price: RM4.50

Blushers! Monplay Pearl Brightening Blushers

Shades Available: 01#(Out of stocks!), #02, #03, #04, #05, #06
Price: RM20

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reborn Slimming Wraps by Marie France Bodyline

Marie France Bodyline Reborn Slimming Wraps

These wraps need no introduction - Recommended by Marie France Bodyline Spokeswoman Christy Chung to combat the stubborn fats that you have always wanted to eliminate - tummy, thighs, saggy arms & calf

Hot & Cold Wraps available & Ready Stocks!

Price: RM15 for 1 wrap inclusive of postage
RM150 for 15 wraps inclusive of postage + FREE 1 pc thermo active slimming ampoule (While stocks last!)

Chilli Wrap (Chili extract)
* Reduces fats
* Improves blood circulation
* Increases metabolism
Ingredients: Chili, Bay Leaf, Thyme, Marigold

Cool Slim Wrap
*Reduce Fats
*Firms Skin
*Tone up your body.
*Helps to maintain/achieve a slender figure
Ingredients: Mint, Eucalyptus Leaf, Geranium, Juniper

The Slimming essence will be absorbed by the skin within a while, reaching the layers of cells & breaking up the fats

How to use?
1) Shower & pat dry targeted area
2) Wrap 1-2 layer at targeted area
3) Use transparent plastic wrap (find them in kitchen. They are used to cover your leftover food!) to secure the wrap
4) Use scotch tape to stick around the plastic wrap to ensure they are in place
5) Leave it for 30-45 minutes
6) Remove & massage essence onto targeted area
7) Wipe off remaining essence (optional)

1) These wraps are to be used once only & are not reusable
2) Use 1 HOT wrap every 2-3 days
3) Use 1 COLD wrap after using 2-4 HOT wraps
4) 1 treatment course is equivalent to 15 wraps @ RM4K+, here you pay less than that!!
5) These treatments will help you shed pounds of weight if you use them consistently together with rigorous exercise & healthy diet/lifestyle

Store in cool, dry place(fridge) NOT freezer to preserve the contents of the wraps

1) Do not use the wraps with other slimming products like creams etc
2) Do not use if u have wound on your skin
3) In case of rashes or skin sensitivity, remove wraps & rinse with plenty of water
4) Avoid if you are allergic or sensitive to this product
5) Redness is normal after the wraps but if redness persists for 2 hours, head to the shower immediately
6) Wash your hands after using the wraps
7) Do not wrap too tightly because over/extreme usage will result in adverse problems

Testimonials of those who had tried the wraps
*Pictures courtesy of

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sale! Sale! Sale! Stock Clearance!

Attention: Prices are fixed & non-nego for promotional/sale items

Item: Chuncaini Sheep Placenta Nose Mud Mask
RM28 per box (10 pieces)
Now: RM20 per box (10 pieces + Postage to Msia

Item: Thermo Active Slimming Ampoules
Retail Price:
RM120 (1 box = 10 Ampoules x 10ml)
Now: RM65 (inclusive of shipping to West Malaysia ONLY)

Item: Chuncaini Nourishing Hydration Mask
Retail Price: RM4 per piece
Now: ONLY RM3 per piece (min order 10 pieces)
Free Shipping to M'sia ONLY

Item: Plain Bird's Nest Crystal Facial Mask (Best Seller!)
Retail: RM10 per pc
Now: ONLY RM8 per pc
(min order 5 pcs + FREE Shipping)

Item: Collagen France Mask
RM10 per pc
Now: ONLY RM7 per pc (min order 5 pcs + Shipping to M'sia only)

Item: Collagen France Mask (with Milk)
RM10 per pc
Now: ONLY RM7 per pc (min order 5 pcs + Shipping to M'sia only)

Item: Collagen France Mask (Rose)
RM10 per pc
Now: ONLY RM7 per pc (min order 5 pcs + Shipping to M'sia only)

Item: Collagen France Mask (Green Tea)
RM10 per pc
Now: ONLY RM7 per pc (min order 5 pcs + Shipping to M'sia only)

Item: Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
Retail Price: RM8 per piece
Now: ONLY RM5 per pc (min order 10 pcs + Shipping to Msia only)