Friday, March 5, 2010

Pre-Order for Body Ampoule & Facial Ampoules! Limited!

There will be a pre-order for BODY ampoules 10 x 10ml (Vitamin C Whitening body ampoules, Firming Ampoules, Thermo Active (Red) ampoule, Thermo Active (Green) ampoule & Cellulite Ampoules) & FACE Ampoule 10 x 3ml (Neutralizing ampoule, Hydrating ampoules & Purifying Ampoules) starting from today (3/3/2010 - 15/3/2010)

Price Pre-order for body ampoules = RM44/box, RM84 for 2 boxes, RM120 for 3 boxes
Wholesale bulk price: RM380 for 10 boxes FOC 1 jar nano slimming cream worth RM35
(Normal price for body range ampoule is RM55-RM60 depending on range type)

Pre Order Price for 3 types facial ampoules (neutralizing, hydrating & purifying) is RM18/box
Wholesale bulk price facial ampoule: RM150 for 10 boxes FOC 1pc mask

Purchase with Purchase (PWP):
With any of the body ampoule purchase, you're entitled to buy the pre-order facial ampoules (which is neutralizing, hydrating & purifying) sweat.gif @ RM17/box, RM32 for 2 boxes

Terms & Conditions:
1) Full payment to be made for payment confirmation (therefore no payment, no order..sorry ya!)
2) Estimated arrival 2-4 weeks depending on flavour therefore order only if u can wait
3) This is the cheapest & THE BEST EVER wholesale price you're receiving for facial & body ampoule
4) Price above does not include delivery price
5) Can COD @ Kelana Jaya LRT station*
6) Seller has the right to refund back $ in event when the ampoules do not arrive etc
7) Pay only if you trust me & my service. I have been selling since 2008 for various items here
8) Pre-order will close 12/3/2010 & order will be placed
9) Time arrival is estimation only. It will either arrive earlier or later
10) Order via
email only @

*Blacklisted customers who always come late & are not punctual will not be entitled to COD session
*COD session is available for purchase above RM100 of pre-order items
*COD session time & date will be set later - to inform buyers later