Sunday, July 6, 2008

Face Ampoules For SALE!

High Quality Face Ampoules for Brides & Grooms!!

Scroll down for more value for money products!!

WHY should prices go up when petrol price rise?!

Price: 1 box of 10's ampoules RM60 ONLY

1 ampoule is RM7 ONLY! (Min order of 5 ampoules)

Brands: Phytoderm & De Soins
(Difference is that De Soins products are thicker & viscous. Both are of the same quality )

1. Collagen ampoule (Brands: Phytoderm & De Soins)

For those who have DEHYDRATED, DULL & LOOSE SKIN.

Functions as anti-ageing, moisturizing, collagen & elastin strangthener

How to apply: 1-2 applications per week for up to 10 applications for best results!

Cleanse --> Tone --> AMPOULE

Cleanse --> AMPOULE

2. Lifting Astringent Ampoules (Phytoderm only)

For beautiful brides who would like to use it BEFORE MAKE UP!

Helps skin in REDUCING WRINKLE & recovering its natural RADIANCES!

3. Whitening Ampoules (Phytoderm & De Soins)

For all types of skin that needs BLEACHING & WHITENING! Helps in CLARIFYING DARK SPOTS!

SUPPRESSES the formation of MELANIN!!
Don't let FRECKLES be an issue during your BIG DAY!

4. Acne Purifying (De Soins)

Those who have ACNE problem!
Soothes acne problem & has purifying effect on acne & pimple skin!

5. Hydrating Ampoules (Phytoderm & De Soins)

For those who have DRY & DEHYDRATED skin

HAVE personally tried them! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!

6. DNA Ampoule (Phytoderm)

Helps REJUVENATE & REPAIR SKIN from UV light, pollution & STRESS!

Smoothens & refines skin texture to its young, firm & clear complexion!

7. Open pores Ampoules (De Soins)

Contains essential oil to help CLOSE & TIGHTEN PORES!
Suitable for oily & large pores skin

8. Soothing Ampoules (Phytoderm & De Soins)
Specially formulated for SENSITIVE, DRY & IRRITATED skin by creating SOOTHING & SOFTENING EFFECT

9. Repair Solution Ampoule --PLACENTA (De Soins only)

Helps in repairing & returning your face to original radiances!
Revitalizes skin to make it look HEALTHIER & most importantly YOUNGER!

10. Firming Ampoule (De Soins)

For those who wish for a FINER & SMOOTHER skin texture!
Has Marine Collagen that TONES & gives skin its ELASTICITY

AND many many more such as Vitamin C ampoules, Bust ampoules, purifying & soothing ampoules!

Can mix & match!

CALL or SMS 017-2391226 OR EMAIL sharon1604@gmail.comto place your orders!

Terms & Condition (Please READ!)

1. Items sold are NOT returnable or exchangeable
2. Payment & delivery is to be within 3 working days
3. Seller will not be held responsible for damaged items as paddings will be used to minimized risk
4. Delivery will be made only after payment has been sent to:
Maybank(email me for details)

Public bank (email me for details)
5. After you have banked in, please SMS or email me by quoting the REFERENCE NO, your name & delivery address

6. Seller will then sent you delivery code after delivery is made to post office to help you trace your items. Seller will not be responsible for any problems that occur from the post office

7. Post express or post laju is preferred as there is a code & more RELIABLE!

8. Postage cost will be borned by buyer as below:

For Penisular Malaysia

Pos Laju: 1 box - 2 boxes RM5

Pos express: 1 box RM3

2 boxes RM 4

For Sabah/Sarawak: 1 box RM9 Pos Laju

For Singapore/Brunei/Indonesia etc: Please email me for the rate

Please state your preference whether you would prefer pos laju or pos express

I have personally tried & tested these products. Rest assured that they are of good quality *wink*