Friday, June 26, 2009

24k Gold Mask

Herbal Ingredients are used to formulate this mask!
Used in beauty salons together with 24K Gold Serums as part of facial regime
Suitable for dry & mature skin. Able to reduce indiscreet facial lines & wrinkles!!
Can be used up to 8-10 times depending on amount & area used
Price: RM155/jar (1 jar 30gm)
Prices per session in salons can cost up to RM200 - RM500

The use of gold dates back to the ancient civilization of Cleopatra era in which the queen was said to have sleep on with gold mask every night to preserve her youth. Only recently this secret beauty resource has been untapped by rich.
Not anymore.
This affordable anti-aging with addition to its antioxidant & antimicrobial powers has been praised all around the world for its purported ability to maintain skin youthfulness, eliminating all toxins that cause the skin to sag & speeding up skin repair.
With EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) as one of its main ingredients, it is no wonder your skin will look radiant and bright after few sessions.
Grape seed extract - the main powerful antioxidant components will immediately counteract damaging radicals to remove all toxins from your skin
You will notice an immediate attention from the opposite sex from the full glow you acquire with the use of this Gold Mask!