Thursday, February 12, 2009

Green Slimming Ampoules & Hair Ampoules

Green Slimming Ampoules
Price: RM60 (10 bottle x 5ml)

Okay....I know it's pricy because it's only 5ml. You must be thinking "I should be getting the 10ml instead of 5ml. What's so special about this ampoule?"
The answer - the ingredients used are highest quality than any other ampoules in the market. The are hotter than the red thermo active ampoules. Well, you just gotta try them & see the results yourself

Hair Tonic Ampoules
Price: RM60/box (10 x 10ml)
Moisturizes hair. Leaves hair shiny & manageable. A leave in conditioner to keep hair lustrous

After Perming Hair Ampoules
Price: RM60 (10 x 10ml)
To be used after perming & keeps hair healthy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

FREE Gold ampoules!!!

This gold ampoule is yours for free + delivery to your doorstep if you are a blogger with the following requirements:

1) Has a profile view of more than 1000 viewer on a daily basis
2) Female fashionista
3) Or anyone just interested in trying out this GOLD ampoule & give their reviews on their blogs!!

While Stocks Last!!

In return:
1) Just blog about your review regarding this gold ampoule
2) Link your blog to mine whenever any of your viewers enquire them

Interested? Please email you blog website, name, delivery address & telephone number